Adventures in Virtual Reality | Google | Cannes Lions 2016 | LIVE

დასაწყისი: 21 ივნისი, 17:00
“Virtual reality is here. For the first time, you can step inside experiences and feel like you’re actually there. VR lets you travel to faraway destinations, stand on stage with your favorite artists, and play in new worlds. From Cardboard beginnings to fully immersive experiences, Google is bringing virtual reality to everyone.

Join Clay Bavor, Vice President of VR at Google, to find out what a future with virtual reality will mean for all of us creators, storytellers, and dreamers.

#დალიერაცგაგიხარდება – კამპანია სტერეოტიპული აზროვნების წინააღმდეგ

“Cannes Lions 2016 | Award Show | Tuesday 21 June | LIVE “