Agency βeta -The Secret of Team Prototyping | Hakuhodo | Cannes Lions 2016 | LIVE

Great, epoch-changing ideas don’t emerge by chance. The DNA of the individual team, the result of the team’s unique makeup, plays a huge role. Even the largest agencies are in reality aggregates of creative teams like the cells of an organism. The challenges facing society and businesses are constantly changing, and organizations likewise change to keep up. Even a big agency is a united collection of creative cells. The Hakuhodo Creative Seminar will present case studies of groundbreaking projects and decode the creative DNA of the small teams that produced them.

Make Enemies and Gain Fans | SNASK | Cannes Lions 2016 | LIVE

მოამზადეთ ბარათები! 1 ივლისიდან საქართველოს ბანკის ბარათების საყოველთაო გათამაშება იწყება.