Digital Jungle — Exclusive Workspace for Digital Community in Tbilisi

About the Digital Jungle

Digital jungle, a workspace that feels less like an office and more like an artistic studio. 

If you’re tired of the same old work routine, step into Digital Jungle, and you won’t just find a working space. You’ll experience a living, breathing oasis. Plants spill from every corner, a whole symphony of green makes you forget you’re in the heart of the city. And just a vibe that makes it easy to focus and think outside the box.

This ain’t no corporate jungle – it’s something wilder, something more alive. And that, right there, is the point. It’s a space designed to clear your mind and unleash your best ideas. 

Work isn’t meant to be a grind, just about ticking tasks off a list. It’s about a feeling, a state of mind – being calm, inspired, and connected. That’s something you just won’t find in a sterile boardroom. 

We’re not just creating a workspace, we’re building a hub for the region’s top digital talent. It’s where Georgia’s top digital minds connect, collaborate, and push boundaries. You won’t find crowds here, but a selective community, the best in their fields.

How the Idea Hit

The idea for Digital Jungle came from the personal frustration of our team members and a dream to redefine the workspace for digital professionals. We have moved from one place to another, chasing the perfect work setup. Still, we faced issues like unreliable Wi-Fi, noise disruptions, and lack of privacy.

Fortunately, we were not able to find what we wanted. So, we rolled up our sleeves and said, “Enough is enough”, and decided to create a place where work quality isn’t just talked about, but built into the environment around you.

“One day, while driving near the university street, I noticed a big sign advertising office space for sale. I immediately stopped my car and called the number on the sign. Within minutes, I was standing on that balcony, enjoying the city view from the 10th floor of the building. I knew this was it — our new workplace”, — Valerian Gegidze, Co-founder of Digital Jungle.

Working on the Concept and Interior Design

The place was ours — over 400 sq meters of space with tons of potential! Well-built, and filled with light, those balconies with incredible views… Even better, it was within walking distance of the metro and bus stations. 

From the beginning, we knew this couldn’t be just another office, it had to feel special.  This needed to be a place where sparks fly, where the digital community connects and ideas get born.  Comfort matters too – you can’t be creative when you’re struggling with the basics. We wanted a space that supports people, a true hub where the entire industry grows stronger together

“This wasn’t going to be just another office, it had to feel special. So, we decided to create a space where talent, comfort, and community all come together. That’s how we could make an industry stronger together”, — Tatia Bebua, CEO and Co-Founder of Digital Jungle.

But potential means nothing without the right people. With a vision driven by excellence, we naturally turned to our own agency, Gegidze, to create a totally new business concept and guide our branding with a strong digital presence.

We have also teamed up with the leading interior design studio DUE to transform our space. They were incredibly easy to collaborate with. Their team tackled the unique challenges of building a modern workspace with both style and function in mind. The collaboration went incredible – after we shared our vision, DUE understood precisely what we wanted and truly delivered.

The things you crave when stuck behind a screen — sunlight, the energy of nature — we wanted to bring those elements right into our workspace. Because the digital community spends so much time in front of screens, we knew greenery had to be a part of our design. It wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about creating a vibrant atmosphere and showing our teams how much we value them. 

When it came to outfitting this space, we knew compromise wasn’t an option. Every element supports our mission: to be a hub for the region’s best digital talent. That commitment meant nothing but the best — top-tier dedicated desks, private offices, chairs, the latest tech, and even a well-stocked kitchen.

Long story short, no detail was overlooked,  because exceptional talents deserve an exceptional environment. 

The result? Digital Jungle – an exclusive workspace built for the future.

Let the outcome speak for itself.


Looking ahead, the future is bright for Digital Jungle. With our growing community, we’re not just redefining the concept of workspace – we’re creating a movement.

Sounds too good to be true? We invite you to experience the Digital Jungle difference.


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