Cracking the code of creativity | Contagious | Cannes Lions 2016 | LIVE

As increasing automation forces marketers into a zero-sum battle for efficiency, genuine human creativity could represent the last true competitive advantage. And yet how much do we really know about this most valuable but intangible of assets? We know that great, award-winning creativity can be effective, but what about the conditions in which it thrives? Are particular types of category, client or agency more likely to cultivate creativity? And can it genuinely impact culture and the wider world in the way that our industry claims? Razorfish and Contagious have joined forces to answer these questions through an experiment using data-science to analyse the last 25 years of award-winning creativity at Cannes Lions. By overlaying key social, economic and industry data-sets, they will attempt to prove, or disprove, some of the most contentious assumptions that our industry makes about creativity – pinning it down for agencies and clients alike. They will be using the results to provide practical insights on how to nurture award-winning work and even address the ultimate question – is there a formula for creativity?

Thinking Design | Dentsu | Cannes Lions 2016 | LIVE

Cannes Lions 2016 | Award Show | Monday 20 June | LIVE