Don’t Advertise, entertain!

Omar Rostom is the Consumer Engagement & Media Manager for Nokia Near East, North Africa, & Levant. His focus is to drive integrated consumer engagement strategies for Nokia where he manages and oversees the company’s media strategies & digital assets. With almost a decade of experience honed in building integrated communication strategies with some of the biggest brands in the region; such as Proctor and Gamble, BMW, and many others; he is an acknowledged thought leader and innovator that challenges the conventional wisdom to create richer brand experiences.


Omar is one of the key note speakers at the “Marketing Brilliance Awards”, Georgia, held in Tbilisi on 25th October 2013.

Marketing Brilliance Award offers:

  • One-day conference featuring world-class speakers from Microsoft, BBC, London Transport Museum, Nokia, Philips and many more
  • Gala dinner and the Awards Ceremony

Q: Why is Social Media Important for Businesses?

A: Today social media is the most translucent, interactive and engaging form of Marketing and PR. Social Media offers a remarkable opportunity to find and engage potential clients as well as to create a strong brand identity.; It makes real time engagement possible and allows brands to develop deeper connections with clients and prospects in ways that were previously not possible. Social media can be a powerful business-generating tool, or a total waste of time. If performed correctly, it can measurably increase leads and sales.

Q: Could you tell us, how do you create social media marketing that appeals to consumers?

A:  The most important elements are; to respect your consumers and put yourself in their shoes.  In this day and age, consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising messages screaming for their attention.  The advertising scene has become increasingly cluttered and our receptiveness to those messages is continually decreasing.  The only way brands can secure mind share with consumers is by delivering informative and entertaining content that consumers can experience – otherwise, it’s just another ad for another brand.

 Q: What is required from marketers to create these kinds of experiences?

A: Marketing expert Scott Cook said:  “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” Once a marketer is ready to grasp this concept, he or she will be able to create experiences that will inspire consumers rather than push advertising at them.

 Q: You are a key-Note Speaker at the Marketing Brilliance Conference, Georgia; could you tell us what will the delegates take out form your presentation?

A: I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a variety of different countries and brands with very rich cultures and identities.  I will be talking about the value of Social Media Content Marketing and showcasing to the audience some successful examples.

I will also be showcasing a recent Nokia campaign that secured some interesting results by focusing on educating and entertaining consumers.  Social media presences are fundamentally about building communities.  Our focus at Nokia has always been to add value to people’s lives by engaging, educating, and interacting with them on our presences.

Q: Is this your first time in Georgia?

A: This will be my first time in Georgia and I am very excited to visit a country with so much history and natural beauty.  I am sure this will be a great event and experience for both the audience and the speakers!

Omar Rostom is one of the key note speakers at the “Marketing Brilliance Awards”, Georgia, held in Tbilisi on 25th October 2013.  The ceremony is organised by British company – BOC Global Events Group, supported by most of Georgian Media:

Event Marketing Partner:; General Media Partner: Palitra Media, Official Radio: Palitra Radio, Radio Imedi ; Official Online TV: Palitra TV,; Media Partners: BPI, Caucasus Business Week,,,,,


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