Mziuri Gardens – Apartments Promising a Harmonious Life

Georgia’s tourism potential is much larger than is made use of today. The country, and especially Adjara, has been and remains one of the most interesting and topical tourist destinations in the region since the last century. Batumi is the center of all this. With European streets and squares, a mix of old and new architecture, a historic port, a unique botanical garden, a seaside boulevard, international brand hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants, Batumi is the face of modern Georgia.

After the historic sanatoriums were dismantled, the tourism business in Adjara started to develop quite interestingly. The first step in this process was family hotels. However, this period did not last long. Soon the tourist activity improved, first small hotels appeared, and later their scale increased and the first five-star hotel was built in Batumi.

The latest stage of the development of the resort business in Adjara is Mziuri Gardens, a multifunctional complex which is being built on the territory of the historical sanatorium of the resort Makhinjauri and represents a combination of a 5-star hotel  CROWNE PLAZA and apartments.

The project was implemented with 100% British investment, which is an unconditional guarantee of the quality of construction and service. The British investment company MRMU INTERNATIONAL purchased the territory of the former sanatorium “Makhinjauri“ from the state to arrange a spa and wellness center of international standards on the ground, where vacationers will be able to enjoy balneotherapy at any time of the year, a method of treatment and prevention which is carried out with natural, mineral waters available at the resort.

The multifunctional complex is located a few steps away from the Black Sea beach, and 6 km to the North-West of Batumi, a charming city also called the “pearl“ of Black Sea.

Batumi is a leading tourism destination on the Black Sea and hosts millions of visitors each year, therefore, the construction and purchase of apartments as an investment has become very relevant in recent years.

Purchasing a flat in Mziuri Gardens is a particularly smart investment. In addition, renting out a flat in Batumi can be a good source of extra income. Furthermore, one can achieve payback within 3-5 years. The management of Mziuri Gardens is ready to take care of all rent-related issues on behalf of its residents.

The cost of renting an apartment varies based on the season, area, and the view. The average price for 1 night will be around $70. This allows the owner to receive cashback for the implemented investment in the shortest possible time, in a maximum of 5 years.

Mziuri Gardens apartments can be purchased both by internal installment and with a single payment. Apartments start from 43 m2 and increase to 200 m2. Prices start from $1550 per square meter with premium class renovation, furniture and appliances. All apartments have a view of the sea, and its residents will be able to enjoy the panoramic views of Batumi and the botanical garden – all for the perfect mood of its residents!

The area of the complex stretches over 15,000 sq.m. A major part of this will consist of a green garden with century-old pine trees and other endemic plants.

The complex will offer two 15-storey and one 17-storey residential block. A five-star hotel CROWNE PLAZA will be located in one of them. Residents of Mziuri Gardens will have the opportunity to benefit from the services of the hotel.

Given that the apartments are located on the territory of the balneological resort, owners have a guarantee that their apartment will be in demand year-round.

The area boasts a unique microclimate and sub-thermal mineral water, which has been used by the local population for treatment therapies since as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Further, one of the greenest and the most visited places, the Batumi Botanical Garden, is just 2 km away from the complex.

Mziuri Gardens boasts a diverse range of facilities and amenities and services available on the premises of the complex, which creates all conditions for resting or having fun for people of all ages and tastes. At the same time, the beach and the seawater in front of Mziuri Gardens are clean and offer wonderful opportunities for sunbathing and swimming.

The spa and fitness center located on the territory of Mziuri Gardens promises perfect conditions for relaxation and rejuvenation. The center will offer a Jacuzzi, massage room, sauna, and fitness room. In addition, it will include open and closed swimming pools, which will be at the disposal of residents.

The huge green yard of Mziuri Gardens will be equipped with hammocks, bean bags, and other soft furniture, enabling residents to relax and socialize with other neighbors. In addition, the yard will feature a basketball court, a summer amphitheater, a climbing wall, and a giant chessboard.

Notably, the residential complex of Mziuri Gardens is fully equipped for disabled people.

Mziuri Gardens cares about your children too. The territory will be equipped with a special playground, mini swimming pools, sand playgrounds, and a trampoline. In addition to physical activities, kids will have a chance to join onsite classes of drawing, swimming, and English language. On rainy days, kids will be able to have fun in a closed play area.

For food lovers, Mziuri Gardens will be a real paradise. Four different onsite restaurants will serve Georgian, Chinese, Japanese, European and American cuisine, while lounges and cafes will offer a wide choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Alongside having rest and fun, for business people, Mziuri Gardens will provide facilities and enmities for business meetings. Both closed and an open-air conference rooms will be available for residents. In addition, a space for meetings will be allocated in the yard.

The security of residents is the main priority. In Mziuri Gardens, fire safety norms will be in full compliance with the legislation of Georgia. In addition, 24/7 onsite video surveillance and guards will provide extra security.

Creating conditions for a healthy lifestyle and relaxation for everyone is the main principle of the team behind Mziuri Gardens, this is what makes the complex a perfect place to live and why it offers a chance for reasonable and beneficial investment at the same time.

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