TOP 6 Video Marketing Trends Expected in 2021

Video marketing is one of the most powerful and effective ways to interact with customers in the online space. Videos have become a craze over the last few years, and now it is the first choice of brands that want to create an impact in the digital world.

Brands are more than interested in utilizing the benefits of video marketing in 2021, and at least 80% of video marketers say that videos have directly helped them to increase sales. Social media platforms are flooded with videos every day, and that makes it easier to reach out to more people.

In 2021, several brands have used the power and efficiency of video marketing to drive their engagement & contribute to better conversions. But, just like everything else in this world, video marketing also evolves with time and new trends set in every year.

Similarly, this year, we can see some new trends coming in. What are these trends? Let’s find out 6 of the latest video marketing trends expected in 2021.

#1. Video Size Really Matters

A lot of people spend long hours thinking about the length of their videos. It is confusing. But as per the trend, it can be seen that people actually love watching long videos. Yes! With the ever-decreasing attention spans, brands and individual creators have focused a lot on creating short videos in the last few months.

But, as per the data, it can be seen that people still like to watch lengthy videos. Videos that are more than 15 minutes have driven more than 15% of engagement in the online industry.

Even Gen Z, who have the shortest attention spans, are inclined to watch long videos. That is why we can see brands focus on creating long videos in the near future. A video that is long can be a great way to build a better relationship with the audience. This is because they provide in-depth information, and brands can actually reflect their emotions.

So, it is a good idea not to discard the idea of creating longer videos and focus entirely on short video clips. Longer videos allow you to add more value & connection with the people.

#2. Video Content Going Omnichannel

You will often see that a particular video is present on different platforms. A brand can upload the same content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms and it is happening a lot lately. The multi-channel approach is the latest trend in the market.

That’s why an individual can come across the same post a lot of times but on different social platforms. This is done to increase visibility and engagement.

No one is interested in using just one platform in 2021. The omnichannel trend is now stronger than ever, and that is why you should focus on it as well. Developing a good audience across different platforms will help you to improve your chances of spreading the word about your brand. Make sure to conduct a survey to find out which are the platforms that your audience uses throughout the day.

#3. More Training and Educational Videos

The global pandemic has led to several changes in the world, and it has caused a very serious impact on the students. Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions are closed for several months now.

That is why people have shifted their focus to creating training and educational videos. More than a billion students from different institutions are now studying from their homes. That being said, training and educational videos are some of the biggest trends of 2021. E-learning has got a huge boost due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The e-learning industry is set to grow at a CAGR of 10.3% between 2020 – 2027. That is massive. E-learning has a great future, but the pandemic has acted as a catalyst. Educational content is now widely available on every social media platform that exists on this planet.

#4. User-Generated Video Content

User-generated content continues to be a big trend in the video marketing industry. It can play a crucial role in different marketing and promotional strategies. User-generated content has managed to rank at the top of video marketing trends once again in 2021.

You can see clear effectiveness that helps it attract and engage more people. User-generated content can fetch 10x more views than brand videos.

User-generated content is also one of the best ways to convert visitors into customers, thus contributing to more sales and revenue. A site that has user-generated content can experience 45% more sales and interest from the people. It is even more effective in brands that deal with user opinions, like travel, health, and beauty. 

#5. Animated Videos Are On The Rise

Even today, lots of brands across the globe use animated videos to promote and spread the word about their products and services in a creative manner. They also help to educate customers about how to use a particular product, bring in new employees, and for several other corporate and marketing purposes.

Animated videos are more appealing and attractive to the eyes, which helps to hook the audience to your video and thus increases video watch time.

#6. Shoppable Videos Is Gearing Up

Last but not least, we can see that shoppable videos are gearing up for a big move. 2021 and the coming years are going to be all about shoppable videos. These videos allow the viewers to buy their favorite products directly from the stop.

The videos include a link to the landing page of the product, which helps to shop for the products quickly. It is easier to complete a purchase in this manner. Shoppable videos can be found across all social networks, and in the coming days, more brands will produce such kinds of videos.

The Bottom Line

These are the top 6 Video Marketing trends that we can possibly see in 2021. Each of these trends has already crept into our lives and can be seen prominently on a regular basis. Video marketing is going to places, and that goes without saying. So, which one of these trends do you find the most fascinating? Let us know about such trends that you can think of.

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