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6 Aug 2012

Traveling is another great hobby today, for some it is even a lifestyle, for some business, for some adventure and an endless discovery etc. People are on the hunt for some novelty destinations, destinations unknown, something unconventional that will truly enrich their experience and intensify joys of travel.  A great German-language poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, writes that when you travel “You feel your blood infused with some new intelligence, wondrously nourished by things you had no way of knowing.” And, it is hard to disagree; discovering and exploring a new destination can be truly inspiring and precious.

In our digitalized world, with ever greater exposure to internet, one can acquire abundant of information on a chosen destination. However, before you embark on that trip you have to make sure you’ve got all the right information; having an accurate and reliable source is the key to getting started. For that very reason, I would like to give you an insight about Georgia, this little wonderland that one should not bypass when traveling.

Georgia is oozing with tourism potential. Before we dig deeper let me first draw a more general picture to give you an idea about Georgia. Prejudice put aside, Georgia is a country that can truly appeal to all kinds of travelers. Why you would ask, what is so special about Georgia? Definitely one post will not be able to give you an in-depth answer, but most important is to start exploring and once you get lured in it you will find it hard to resist the temptation and curiosity; you would want to come and see it yourself.

Let’s locate Georgia and get the basic facts out of the way. Apart from the state Georgia, there exists a little country, situated amidst the magnificent Lesser and Greater Caucasus, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia named Georgia (Sakartvelo) as well. It is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan.













Georgia is rich with history and its people even richer with national pride. Recorded history of Georgia goes back over an incredible 3000 years, and our culture is far older, with a set of languages and a script of ancient roots. The legendary Silk Road, with its camels and caravans, once ran directly through the exotic and prized country of Georgia, fairly referred to as the Eurasian melting pot. Countless international authors and composers have been inspired by this fabled region.

To put in a nutshell: Georgia, that is only 69.700 sq.km, roughly the size of Ireland, possesses 12,000 historical and cultural monuments, 103 resorts and 182 resort areas, 8 national parks, 2400 springs of mineral waters, curative climate etc; Georgia is widely acknowledged to be a biodiversity hotspot; from the alpine Caucasus Mountains of the north, to the semi-desert south, subtropical beaches, and dense forests can be found here all within one hundred kilometers from each other. The magnificence of Georgian landscapes is in the wild, untamed nature of their beauty. But, let’s put aside for a moment it’s remarkable history and cultural heritage. In the end what stays with you is the experience and recollections. One thing that will truly amaze and stay with you forever is the special bond that inevitably develops once you come in contact with the Georgian people. Their sincerity, hospitality and generosity are unparalleled. To this end, it should be noted that guest in Georgia is considered to be a gift of God. Each region, with its ancient and distinctive traditions, offers you a uniquely Georgian experience, although all of them have one thing in common, and if you happen to attend a traditional Georgian Feast – Supra, laden with mouth-watering Georgian food and wine, you will shortly understand what I’m talking about. Supra is a phenomenal occurrence where you revive the past, experience the present, and toast the future. This is where the true nature of a Georgian man is revealed.

I think nowadays only luxuriousness is not appealing to people anymore. It has become a cliché. What many tourists are really looking for is something old and genuine, that has been preserved over centuries and has a historical and cultural significance. This is how lonely planet depicts Georgia: “With sublimely perched old churches, watchtowers and castles dotting its fantastic mountain scenery, Georgia has to be one of the most beautiful countries on earth.”

I’m trying to choose the top 5 places one should absolutely see in Georgia, i will list the chosen “must see” places in my next posts, so stay with Marketer.ge

Author : Maia Sidamonidze


Georgian National Tourism Agency



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