Travel in Tbilisi

12 Aug 2012

The capital city of Georgia, the history of which dates back to 5th century, stands out with its long and fascinating history. Since ancient times, the city has been characterized to enjoy a rich cultural context. It serves as a political, cultural, economical and social hub of the country.  It is striking how this city integrates so many different cultures and traditions. The old town of Tbilisi with narrow, winding alleys, handsome religious edifices, old wooden and balconied houses, is renowned especially for its wonderful mix of cultures. Here the mosques, the synagogue, the Armenian Church mingle harmoniously with the splendid Georgian churches and architecture. The legendary sulfur baths have hosted various poets, writers, musicians and kings over the centuries. Walking through the historic center of the city is an experience that invites visitors to be transported to the past while living intensely in the present. The liveliness and dynamism of the city can be felt everywhere ranging from exhibitions in different museums, theater, dance, music and street art to the most splendid cuisine.

Tbilisi – so ancient and so modern simultaneously; it has it all.

Author: Maia Sidamonidze


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